OLT Arched Pergola 10×12

OLT Arched Pergola 10×12


A pergola is a wonderful addition to anyone’s backyard. Think about the family gatherings you will have underneath the beautiful Western Red Cedar beams and posts that make up your pergola. Casual Sunday brunches or socials with good friends and neighbors will be even more memorable in a setting like this.

Adding a retractable canopy to your pergola instantly increases the amount of time you can enjoy these moments. Quickly and easily!

Umbrellas provide shade but only for small areas and are not structurally very sound.

Because the retractable canopy roof is attached to a solid structure of a pergola, it can withstand wind speeds of 80 mph or more when fully extended.

Difficult weather such as a passing rain shower or extreme sun is never going to ruin your outdoor entertaining plans again!

Our Patented Retractable Canopy System is both simple and easy to install

  • Install tracks

  • Load fabrics

  • Fasten canopy stops and anchor knobs

Simple to Operate

  • Extend the canopy fabrics out using pull handle

  • Lock canopy easily to opposite end to fully extend

  • Retract canopy using pull handle and lock

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