OLT Studio Garden 12 x 8

OLT Studio Garden 12 x 8

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The 12 ft. x 8 ft. Studio Garden shed from Outdoor Living Today is manufactured from western red cedar featuring a fresh new modern design for the urban multipurpose garden building. Functional as a garden shed, creative studio, storage space, or a guest room. Use it to maximize your space to be functional and comfortable.

The panelized walls feature Western Red Cedar bevel sided cladding while the roof panels are already pre-shingled for you. Simply screw or nail the components together on supplied floor manufactured with 2 ft. x 4 ft. cedar joists and floor runners as well as 5/8 in. thick pre-cut plywood for your convenience.  No need to purchase hardware, assembly hardware is included.

2 large functional aluminium windows with screens provide great ventilation and in combination with the 3 non-functional aluminium windows lots of light will enter the space.

The solid Fiberglass locking door offers great access to your new hide-away and completes the ‘Studio’ look. (Primed off-white and will need to be painted!)

The Studio Garden Shed is made entirely with renewable resources and accepts a wide range of finishes to help you create a personalized look.


  • Floor Footprint = 136.5 in. Wide x 96 in. Deep

  • Outside Front Height = 117 in.

  • Outside Rear Height = 105 in.

  • Outside Depth with Roof Overhang = 120 in.

  • Outside Width with Roof Overhang = 150 in.

  • Large Window Opening = 30 in. Wide x 36 in. Height

  • Small Window Opening = 32 in. Wide x 10 in. Height

  • Door Dimensions = 35 in. Wide x 79 in. Height

  • Inside Dimensions = 131.5 in. Wide x 91 in. Deep x 102 in. (F) Height x 84 in. (R) Height

  • Western Red Cedar construction for durability, strength and beauty

  • Precut assembly pieces – no time-consuming, dangerous cutting required

  • Panelized wall and roof design features OLT’s proprietary cedar lap siding and shingles

  • Roof panels come with pre-attached Western Red Cedar shingles for ease of assembly

  • Product ships unstained and accepts a wide range of finishes to help you create a personalized look

  • Made entirely with renewable resources for environmental friendliness

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