Lifetime 8'x10' Shed Review


Top quality resin shed that is designed thoughtfully, it contains heavy duty powder coated metal parts for structure support and security, and the plastic parts are thick and not flimsy. This shed will stand up well against the elements for years to come, and is the shed I decided to build for my backyard.

Lifetime 8'x10' Build Details

Installation of this shed will take a homeowner typically 8-12 hours with 2 people. And in my experience, the homeowner gets frustrated with what goes where sometimes. It took me personally ten builds at Costco stores before I had every last detail down to a science. There are many procedures in it’s installation that need to be followed in order for everything to sit right. I have built over 200 of these sheds now, and I promise that yours will be built to perfection.

This shed, as with all pre-fab sheds, must be built on flat level surfaces. The smallest variation will affect the structure and the operation of the doors, so it is highly recommended that a base of pressure treated wood or concrete be built by a qualified professional.
We have built over 400 Lifetime Sheds, and have developed solid and hassle-free bases that will support your backyard supplies and shed well.

Sum up

Highly recommended plastic shed. 


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Michael Thomson