No, our company specializes in building only pre-fabricated products and the custom foundations for them. However, we are able to customize many of our cedar product’s and can build custom editions to pre-fab wood sheds. 

No, but we do provide free delivery for all products ordered from us. We will also remove all packaging upon completion, and if any parts are missing from the new box we delivered, we will replace them with the missing parts from the extra parts we carry in stock.

Yes & No. We do build beautiful fences; however, we only offer this service to our customers who need it done as it relates to the shed that they are putting in their yard. i.e., We removed an old shed that was using the back and sidewalls as the barrier between properties, and now need to erect a fence in its place before the new shed goes up.  You can take a look at some of our fence work on our “Additional Services” page.

Yes, we carefully remove the sod, soil, and dirt and wheel it straight into our trailers where it is carried away to a local landscaping yard to be dumped.

Concrete requires 28 days to fully cure, however, it only takes 2 days before it has set up enough for the wood form to be removed and a stucture to be built on top. We aim to return 2-3 business days after we have installed the pad, however, it can take upwards of a week sometimes before we’re able to return to complete the second phase.

Absolutely, the only time we recommend installing concrete footings to anchor the Gazebo or Pergola is when the location you plan to place it is open to high winds or your interlock is in rough shape. Though then it may be a better idea to replace it then work around it. Most backyards are protected from the types of open winds it would take to topple over your gazebo or pergola. The roof panels are far more likely to be dislodged before the unit budges. Anchoring each post into the interlock pad provides more than enough strength to keep your unit firmly in place even in the rare windstorm. Many manufacturers only suggest anchoring their units to concrete footings for legal and liability reasons, not because it’s a necessity.

Depending on the model it takes us anywhere between a few hours to a day.

Depending on the model, it will take us between 1 hour to 1 day to build just about any shed.

Click on the link in the navigation bar above that says “Contact” there you will find a map of our service area and the travel expenses associated with each city.