We have developed wood foundations that meet all the key points in what you want in a shed foundation. Cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, functionality in that they are made low enough to the ground to provide easy assess into your shed, and are resistant to animals/vermin moving in underneath. Unlike traditional bases that use plywood treated or not, we only use PT deckboards that allow water to drain and not pool under the plastic floor of the shed causing the stagnate water to rot out the floor of the base. Our Foundation can be expected to last 25-30 years. The only part of the wood foundation that makes contact with the ground it the 2 ply skirt that protects the underside from animals getting in, this part of the foundation will need service at the halfway mark of it’s life. It is however an easy task to pry off they old skirt and replace it with a new one. Taking about 2 hours and at a fairly small cost. To ensure you foundation continues to look as nice as it did the day we installed it, it is recommended that that foundation that is exposed to the elements around the perimeter of the shed’s floor be stained with the same sealer used in the woods initial treatment. This product sealing can be purchased in quart size at any home improvement warehouse for around $20.00, and will last for many years. We recommend doing a quick once over each spring or summer, a tad that will take less than 15 minutes, and can be accomplished even by the most amateur of home handypeople.