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Made with durable Western Red Cedar, this 33.5 in.  high raised garden bed features a 20 in. high growing bed with a  12 in. tall hinged fence with marine hinges that do not rust.  This allows for easy access to the garden while preventing pests such as rabbits from eating your prized vegetables.

Cedar framing is 1 ½” thick while the boards are 1 1/8” thick making it strong and sturdy!

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Raised Garden Bed | 6×3

The 6 x 3 Raised Garden Bed will instantly create a small contained garden that will be easy to access and grow your fruits and vegetables. The bed is made using Western Red Cedar and has a 33.5 in. high perimeter fence around it and includes front hinged fencing panels 12 in. high.  Marine grade hinges allow the front fencing panels to fold down for easy access to the plants and soil so no stooping required!

Fence panels are all backed with a black wire mesh to keep out rabbits and dogs and any pesky critters.  The growing beds are 20 in. high so there is ample space to grow just about any plant!

The pre-manufactured cedar panels are designed to assemble with ease with basic tools such as a screw gun and level.

Floor not included and not required.

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