OLT Grand Garden Chalet Durable Storage Shed


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This 4 ft. wide x 2 ft. deep Garden Chalet is a small outdoor cupboard constructed for long-lasting strength and beauty and will help keep your tools, supplies or anything else you need organized. The design also allows for quick and easy access to everything you store.

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Note: Product prices and installation prices are separate prices. We charge you upfront for the product you are purchasing, and charge for installation after your new product is delivered and installed by us.

All of our sheds require a suitable foundation, they can not be built over grass or soil directly. If you do not have a foundation prepared please visit our foundation page to review the types of foundation we offer and find the one that suits your shed. Foundations are separate form the sheds and installation costs. Please contact us directly for pricing.



Garden Chalet | 4×2 – Functional & Versatile

Organize your outdoor space like never before with our 4 ft. x 2 ft. Garden Chalet. This outdoor cupboard is made with attractive and sturdy panelized wood walls and Western Red Cedar floor,  doors, pre-shingled roof and trim.

Equipped with two adjustable storage shelves on one side and a full-height space on the other providing you with versatile storage options while conserving space.

Functional Western Red Cedar double doors allow for easy access.

The Garden Chalet is made entirely with renewable resources and accepts a wide range of finishes to help you create a personalized look. Outdoor Living recommends applying a stain or paint to the exterior wood to increase the longevity of the shed.

No dangerous and time consuming cutting required and assembly can easily be completed in a day.

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