Additional Services

Tear Down & Disposal of Old Sheds and Structures 

Sheds aren’t made to last forever, and eventually you have to take them down. Whether it’s getting too small for your storage needs or completely falling apart, demolishing a shed can leave you with a large pile of rubbish to take care of, not to mention the hazards involved if you’re not experienced in demo work. If there is one thing we love doing more than building sheds, it’s knocking old one’s down! We carry them piece by piece straight into one of our dump trailers and haul it to a transfer station right away. An empty shed makes tearing it down much easier for us, all we ask is that you go though it and take out everything you intend to keep, anything you don’t care to save just leave in the shed and we will dispose of it for you. 

Landscaping Gravel Feature

If you’re like most people, you want you’re shed placed in the corner of you’re backyard as close to the fence as the city by-laws will allow. Depending on what city you’re in, the minimum distance your shed is required to be set-back from you’re property line usually ranges between 1.5 feet – 2 feet , but reaches as much as 3′ the further from Toronto you get. But what to do about the gap between your new shed and fence? It’s offten too narrow a space for the lawnmower, and weed whacking will be a chore. We recommend having us install 25 year weed barrier, 3/4″ clear gravel, and horizontal fence board to block off your neighbours yard and keep it all contained. You’ll end up with a clean space that is maintenance free, and because the gravel drains so well, you’ll have additional storage space for some outdoor items.