Gazebo Installation

         A gazebo is an oasis that allows you to relax outdoors in any weather. In the sun, you’re offered shade and protected from harmful UV rays. In the rain, you can stay dry while kicking back with a beverage and a good book. Gazebos are also great at shielding your outdoor furniture from the elements and enhancing their longevity. 

Our gazebo experts are here to seamlessly install your new outdoor sanctuary. We’ll also include anchoring to your existing patio or deck. With years of experience and hundreds of gazebos built, we deliver only the best.


Gazebos are all about instilling a feeling of tranquility, and installing them should be no different. We provide the following services to make installation simple:

  • Free Delivery: Fast, friendly, and right to your yard.
  • Removal & Disposal: Let us take care of any old structures in place.
  • Installation: We install any and all types of gazebos including plastic, vinyl, metal, and cedar. 
  • Foundation: Laying proper footings or foundations will ensure you can enjoy your gazebo for years to come.

Types of Gazebos 


Cedar gazebos can add timeless charm to any yard. With some furniture and landscaping, a cedar gazebo can offer you an outdoor retreat that’s close to home. 

We offer two sizes of cedar gazebos: 10’ x 10’ and 12’ by 12’. Both need to be installed on a level concrete foundation, but don’t require immediate staining or painting. Cedar has natural oils that protect it from weather and insects, however, cedar sheds may fade over time, so you may eventually have to paint and stain to maintain a fresh look. 

Highly durable and weather resistant, metal gazebos are built to last. Metal is a great option if you’re looking to build a shelter over an existing patio, or want something that won’t discolour over time.

Typically, metal gazebos are anchored into patio stones, interlocking, or wood decks. However, in areas that are prone to heavy winds, we might recommend installing concrete footings.

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It doesn’t matter if you require sheds, gazebos, playsets, foundations or pergolas, we’re here to help with all your installation needs.