Playset Installation

       Looking to put together a playground for your kids? Leave it to the professionals. With years of experience installing playsets, we make sure no detail is overlooked, no matter what make or model of playset you purchase. Rest assured, your kids can stay safe on a playset installed by us. We stand behind our installation with a lifetime workmanship warranty so you can have extra peace of mind. 

For an accurate estimate, text a picture or product link of your playset to (416) 706-6181, and we’ll get back to you right away.


We provide the following playset services:

Don’t waste time and energy assembling your new playset. Let us build it for you! We’ll get the job done safely and securely in just one day so your kids can get playing sooner. 

To get started, we’ll recommend the most level location in your yard. Playsets are highly flexible, so don’t worry - we won’t need to do any invasive yard work or use any heavy machinery to level the area. The castle portion only takes up a small footprint, while the A-frame and beam that supports the swing portion is usually adjustable in case we need to build over a sloped area. Check out the photo below for an example of how we build on uneven terrain. 

Installation costs range in price, average cost is $750.00. Please text 416-706-6181 or email with the a picture or link to the unit you have purchased or are considering purchasing  today for an estimate.

Looking to move your playset? Let our experts handle it. Whether you’re moving it to another location in your yard, or removing it altogether, we’re here to help.

Good old fashioned grass will always serve as a safe and suitable ground cover for a playset. Additional ground cover options won’t offer that much more safety, and can cost as much as the playset itself. For example, laying mulch and installing a retaining wall can cost up to $1,600. However, we do offer these services if you’re looking for added peace of mind.

Contact us to get an expert inquiry on your specific needs!

It doesn’t matter if you require sheds, gazebos, playsets, foundations or pergolas, we’re here to help with all your installation needs.