Shed Installation

      We’ve built thousands of quality sheds for thousands of happy customers, and we’re here to do the same for you. As shed experts, we’ll work quickly and professionally to install your shed with exceptional service every step of the way. With over a decades worth of experience on our side, no one specializes in shed installation like we do. 

What We Offer

Installing a shed doesn’t need to be complicated. We offer the following services to make the process simple:

  • Free Delivery: Fast, friendly, and right to your yard. 
  • Removal & Disposal: Let us take care of your old shed and foundation.
  • Installation: Any and all types of prefabricated sheds are our forte. 
  • Foundation: Laying a great foundation is a big part of building a top quality shed. 
  • Customization: We sell and install accessories like bike racks and shelving units. 

Types of Sheds

Not sure which type of shed to get? We’re here to help. Check out some of the various sheds we offer below, or give us a call. Either way, we’ll make sure you get your perfect shed!


Learn about the types of sheds we offer:

Vinyl & Plastic Shed’s 

Looking for a great quality shed that doesn’t break the bank? Look no further than vinyl or resin. Vinyl sheds, or resin sheds, sometimes referred to as plastic, are durable but relatively inexpensive. In the last 15 years, vinyl and resin have come a long way thanks to innovations by leading manufacturers and are a great option.


  • Pest Resistant: Resin and vinyl are highly resistant to the damaging effects of insects and vermin.
  • Suitable for Humid Climates: These sheds resist moisture and are less susceptible to mold and mildew than wood sheds.
  • Portable: Some sheds would have to be destroyed or dismantled if they need to be relocated, but vinyl and resin sheds are much more portable if you ever need to move.
  • Durable: They may be light, but they’re durable, UV protected, and won’t crack easily. They also won’t fade, so you won’t have to repaint.
  • Low Maintenance:  These sheds will look new again with just a bristle brush and mild detergents, but don’t require much maintenance otherwise. Try using a power washer for best results.
  • Inexpensive: Buying and installing one of these sheds can be less than half the cost of a wooden shed. 


  • Unsuitable for Accommodation: If you’re looking to convert your shed into a granny suite, workspace, or studio, vinyl or resin might not be right for you. Wood sheds can be insulated and provide a much more pleasing atmosphere.

Cedar Shed’s 

Looking for the custom cedar look without having to pay custom cedar prices? Our prefabricated cedar sheds can inexpensively elevate the look of your entire yard. With its classic wood style and beautiful cedar smell, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


  • Range of Sizes: Choose from a wide selection of sizes for your perfect shed. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, we can modify one to meet most needs.
  • Customizable: Most of our cedar sheds have options for either cedar shake roofs or durable metal roofs, where you can choose from a wide array of colours and styles.
  • Pest Repellant: Compared to other wood sheds, cedar sheds aren’t as susceptible to pest damage. 
  • Moisture Resistant: Natural oils in cedar repel water meaning you won’t have to worry as much about rot, mold, and mildew. Your shed will last for years to come.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Nothing beats the look of a cedar shed. Their jaw-dropping beauty is a stunning and functional asset to any backyard.


  • Long-Term Maintenance: Cedar sheds will fade as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun. After some time, you might need to paint and stain to keep it looking fresh. But it’s the small price you pay for a great quality shed.

Wood Shed’s

There’s nothing like a wood shed to achieve a beautifully natural look. We offer custom-quality prefabricated wooden sheds that are affordable and aesthetically stunning. 


  • Insulation: Wood is a fantastic natural insulator. If you’ll be spending time in your shed, wood is much more effective at blocking outside temperatures than vinyl or metal.
  • Customizable Style: We’re able to match the colour of your shed to the colour of your home and easily add additions and windows later on.


  • Imperfection: Moisture causes wood to warp, twist, and bow. In extreme cases, lumber can be unusable as a result.
  • Maintenance: Wooden sheds need to be repainted or revarnished every so often, and might need some parts like roof shingles to be replaced.
  • Pest Attraction: Some types of wood can attract pests and insects.

Steel Shed’s

While metal sheds used to have a reputation for being the “cheap” option, recent advancements in materials and coatings have made them popular once again. They’re inexpensive and offer great quality yard storage. 


  • Great Value: Your dollar can go a long way buying and installing a metal shed.
  • Durable: Metal sheds are unaffected by sunlight or extreme temperatures. They’re often galvanized or coated to make them last long and look like new for over 10 years after installation.
  • Low Maintenance: No painting, sanding, or pest control is required for maintaining a metal shed.
  • Portable: If you rent your home, or you’re moving soon, metal sheds are easy to relocate.



  • Difficult to Modify: Installing windows and additions to metal sheds takes expertise and heavy duty machinery like welders, sheet folders, and angle grinders.
  • Prone to Corrosion: All metal is susceptible to rust and corrosion if left to the elements for too long.
  • Lightweight: The thin sheet metal used to line the shed can give the structure a flimsy feel. Make sure you check the gage of the metal before purchasing – the thicker and heavier the better.
  • Appearance: Metal sheds tend to look a little industrial. However, many manufacturers now line their metal sheds with PVC or vinyl coating to improve their appearance. 

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